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You want to succeed in online business strategy? Get a consultation from us first. Then, make your own assessment, whether we can work together.


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15200 Kota Bharu, Kelantan


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Multi-Vendor Program

MVP is a marketplace -shaped online application development and maintenance service. MVPs are ideal for those who aspire to own a large business empire. With this business to business concept, we are confident, you will have a large business data set later.

Single Merchant Program

SMP is a service that helps entrepreneurs, especially owners of restaurants, pharmacies and grocery stores to have a mobile application for the purpose of facilitating customers to make purchases either by pickup or delivery.

"Pakar Web"

Yes, we are web experts. We have been in web development for over 10 years. Every website we develop helps you deal with customers right down to the sales level. We provide this multi -function web at an affordable price and very affordable.

Divi Is Yours (DIY)

DIY is a ready -to -use web product similar to what we use to service our “Pakar Web” to customers. Yes, 100% is the same. It’s just, every rule you have to do yourself. Don’t worry, it all comes with documentation to make your business easier. Importantly, the price is super save. In fact, you may be able to generate other income.

Socmed Account Manager

Believe it or not, this service we combine our 3 specialties namely graphic designers, content writers and market analysts for just one price. This service will be practiced on your business’s Facebook and Instagram social media accounts. Come on, start your brand awareness now.

Online Business Coaching

Every teacher must have a teacher. It is outrageous if we label ourselves as teachers. We prefer to be labeled as experience sharing. We don’t fabricate stories, in fact we just share what we’ve been through and maybe can serve as a guide to you. Have you used the entire app from Google? If not, that’s right, you need online business knowledge.

Strategic Partnership

We believe in cooperation. A successful product manufacturer will certainly not succeed without a packaging manufacturer. That’s what we understand. You have your business expertise and we have expertise in our field. What if we join? Maybe something big is coming. Good luck with each other.